redgum firewood
Redgum Firewood
Redgum Firewood

Redgum Firewood

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Redgum, Victoria's most popular firewood. All our Redgum Firewood is split, dry and ready to burn. We have a fleet of trucks that deliver Melbourne wide to make sure you are warm this Winter.

What size can I expect?

As a guide, our Redgum Firewood is split roughly to the size of a large shoe box, but you will get pieces that are bigger and smaller. You may need to split some of the larger pieces to fit your fireplace.

Learn more about the different available sizes of firewood.

How do you weigh your firewood?

We use certified scales on our front end loader to measure the weight of our firewood.

Do you stack firewood?

All deliveries of firewood are tipped off. We do not offer stacking as a part of our delivery service.

What if I have a small fireplace?

We recommend using our Double Split Australian Hardwood. This is especially good for small Victorian fireplaces or pizza ovens.

Our firewood is 100% sustainable, seasoned & dry and ready to burn.


What Size Redgum Firewood Is Right For You?

Our firewood comes in different sizes - they range from being as large as a shoe box to being as small as a wine bottle. Depending on the size of your fire pit or fire area, you may have to chop your firewood to suit your needs.

Our Fiskars Axe paired with our Hardwood Chopping Block are perfect companions for ensuring that you have your ideal sized firewood every time.

Check out our guide on how to choose the right sized firewood for your place for more information or get in touch with our team.

What’s The Best Way To Store Your Redgum Firewood?

The firewood can be stored anywhere you feel comfortable. Most people prefer to stack their firewood in their shed, backyard or even within their homes. Contrary to popular belief, firewood is not sensitive to elements such as rain or sunshine. In fact, they help dry out the firewood even more.

We recommend only bringing in the relevant quantities when needed to not clutter your fire area. It is also important to stack your firewood away from the foundation of your property and other combustible materials. Speak to our experts to learn more about where to store your firewood.

What Can You Do With Your Wood And Green Waste?

Get in touch with The Green Centre to dispose of your hardwood and green waste. Our green waste is recycled at our facility in Melbourne and converted to mulch and compost that can be used back in gardens.

What Other Types Of Firewood Can I Buy?

Our Australian Hardwood Firewood, Double Split Australian Hardwood and Reject Firewood are other popular Australian firewood options.

Where Can You Buy Redgum Firewood?

You can purchase our Redgum Firewood both online and in-store. Visit us at The Green Centre Keilor or get in touch with our firewood experts at (03) 9331 5300.

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