Melbourne Garden Waste Disposal & Recycling

Green Waste Disposal & Recycling

The Green Centre began in 1994 as a recycling and green waste disposal facility in Melbourne. Green waste is considered anything from the garden such as trees and lawn clippings. In a time where the majority of green waste was going to landfill, The Green Centre pioneered a system to take garden waste and compost it down to Mulch and Compost to be used back in gardens, effectively closing the recycling loop back the community.

The Green Centre accepts garden waste from both; domestic gardeners as well as professional mowing people and landscape gardeners anywhere within Melbourne.

green waste

Once enough green waste has been collected a shredding process is undertaken, mixing and grinding all materials together and placing them in windrows for the composting process to begin. Once in windrows, nature starts to take its course as heat thriving bacteria and other micro-organisms break down the organic material to a fine humus.

During this aerobic composting process, it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach 60-70 degrees, ensuring any weed seeds and pathogens are killed. After three months the composted rows are ready to be screened producing the top quality range of mulches and compost available, as well as blending agents for our premium soils.

Green Waste Charges

$30 – Car Boot Load or Wagon Load

6' x 4' Trailer - Standard 'Jims Mowing' trailer
$90 - without cage
$90 - with cage

Ute Load
$90 - level or heaped

Tandem Trailer (double axle)
$150 - with or without cage

Ute Load & Trailer
$150 - Ute & 6' x 4' Trailer
$200 - Ute & Tandem Trailer

Small Single Axle Truck:

*All prices include GST

*WARNING* Any person found dropping plastic, bricks, glass, rocks or other non-organic material will be banned from returning.
We do not take fence posts or trellis, or other treated items or items containing nails.