Instant Lawn Products

Treating your lawn is the necessary part of lawn keeping – it's the selection of lawn products that may be stressful and tedious – we'd all like the perfectly grown, lush green grass to show off to our friends and neighbours, but we may not all have the time or the know-how to complete the job successfully. Our team of lawn experts have a wealth of knowledge to assist you, from making the correct lawn choice to advice on installation and Products.

Transform any outdoor, or even indoor areas, with our instant turf and range of instant lawn products.

Selection of Instant Lawn Products

With our selections of fertiliser, lawn paint and weed control, we will be sure to have something to suit your needs. One of the most common issues experienced, is the importance of fertilising your lawn during the upkeep of your outdoor area, which is an area of gardening which may be overlooked, as residential property soils may be lacking in essential nutrients for the grass to flourish to a healthy, natural green. Its best to fertilise your lawn four times a year. The start of every season is a good time to do this.

While the nurturing and restoration of your lawn happens, there's the growth of weeds which needs to be dealt with too. We stock and advise on the correct treatment which you'll need to remove those pesky weeds from your beautiful lawn. We've got both pre mixed and concentrate weed killer should you need it.

Restoring the colour of your lawn when it goes dormant over Winter can easily be fixed. The ColourGuard lawn paint we stock will bring that natural lush colour back to your lawn and last for up to three months.

Also, should you want to look at what your turf will look we have some samples here should you need them.

Delivery Melbourne-wide, but be sure to give yourself plenty of time to order as we book out most weekends. Lawn maintenance made easy, shop the range at The Green Centre today.