High Volume Deliveries for Commercial Orders

At The Green Centre, we provide expert service and advice to trade and commercial customers on all our soils and mulches.

Whether you are a local landscaper looking for 5m3 of soil or mulch, or you have a commercial project requiring high volume deliveries in trucks and trailers over many months, then call us today for a competitive quote and fast delivery turn around time anywhere across Melbourne.


Commercial quantities of soils, mulch and compost. 

The Green Centre specialises in supplying Econo soil, Lawn and Garden soil, compost and Australian Native mulch to commercial sites. All of these products are priced on a per project basis. Call us today for a quote.

Econo Soil: This soil is made from 100% recycled soil taken from large excavation digs and site cuts. It goes through a 15mm screen and has no compost added to it. It’s a very basic soil that is often used to go under commercial instant turf projects. Due to the recycling process it is possible to have small bits of rubble go through the screen.

Lawn and Garden Soil: Used for commercial garden beds our Lawn and Garden soil is made by using the base materials of Econo soil mixed with organic compost. It’s possible to use under instant turf and we find it extremely popular with new factory builds or park gardens beds in new housing estates.

Compost: Our organic compost is most often used on commercial sites where site soil has been specified by the architect. This means that companies can have our rich, black organic matter trucked in and worked into the original material to produce an acceptable garden bed.

Australian Native Mulch: Made from 100% recycled green waste our Australian Native mulch is screened to 40mm. This means that when installed at a depth of 100mm it will last for many years. Often used by councils this mulch is also specified by architects for commercial projects to give a natural look to garden beds rather than coloured mulches.

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