Organic Garden Soil Melbourne

Discover our range of organic garden soils, perfect for your next residential or commercial project. Suitable for veggie gardens, flower beds and even top-dressing your lawn. Our soil varieties are nutrient rich, sustainably sourced and are great for most plant types. As part of our efforts to prevent waste from ending up in landfill, we also provide residential garden waste disposal. Speak to our team today for more information on how we can help you remove old and unwanted soil from your garden on (03) 9331 5300.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our soil is ordered by cubic measurement. It is highly recommended before ordering that you measure or have a rough estimate of how much soil you require using this method. This will ensure our staff are able to provide the most accurate soil supply required for your project.

Our Botanical Blend is perfect for residential and commercial gardens, and is a general purpose soil that is nutrient rich. 

Econo Soil is used primarily as a filler for holes or gaps including pools and garden beds that need to be raised. This is not a soil used for general use and is not for handling. 

Turf Loam is our top dressing soil, perfect for instant lawn and provides excellent drainage and structure. For more information on our soil varieties please get in touch with our team on (03) 9331 5300.

Soil is delivered loosely and is not pre-packed in bags. The truck used on the day will also depend on the volume of soil ordered. One of our team members will get in touch once your order is placed to discuss the products availability and size that you are after. 

If the property being delivered is down a narrow street or is hard to access, it is important that you let our staff know as soon as possible or well in advance before your scheduled delivery.

Depending on the size of your delivery, location it is being delivered to, and truck capacity being used, multiple deliveries may be required which can incur additional fees.

We recommend having tarp laid out in your designated delivery area. As the soil is tipped loosely, this will ensure you are able to move it with ease as needed. It’s important that this location is in an area that is accessible for our trucks to navigate to.

No. All soil varieties are delivered loosely and are not pre-packed.

We deliver to all properties across Metro Melbourne.

Delivery costs vary depending on the volume of soil ordered, location and amount of times a truck is required to fulfill the order. For enquiries about delivery fees we recommend getting in touch with our staff before ordering.

Our Botanical Blend is our most popular variety suitable for both growing vegetables as well as general use in any garden. This is due to the nutrient rich soil combination of sandy loam soil that has been mixed with cow and chicken manure.

We recommend using Turf Loam. This sandy loam soil is perfect for providing a flat surface for laying turf as it stays nice and open, ensuring an easy establishment for your turf variety.

Generally when determining how much soil you need, we advise measuring out the m2 and divide by the depth you require. However, if you are unsure or need more information please speak to our experienced staff.