Green Waste Compost Supplier Melbourne

Explore our range of high quality, compost varieties suitable for a range of garden types and applications. All our organic compost is made from 100% recycled green waste. Using our garden waste disposal service, our team ensures that we prevent garden waste from ending up in landfill. Melbourne wide delivery is available for all compost orders online. Speak to our team today for more information or any general enquiries about our range on (03) 9331 5300.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Dig In Compost variety is measured and ordered by cubic measurement. We recommend before placing your order that you measure out the intended space you are looking to cover. Our team of experienced staff are also able to assist in providing you with the most accurate estimate of how much you will need using your measurements and details provided for your project. Give us a call on (03) 9331 5300 for more information.

Our Dig In Compost is a nutrient rich, 100% green waste recycled compost and is perfect for nutrient deficient or clay type soils. This variety is a great all rounder and suitable for almost any garden.

The All Purpose Mushroom Compost is full of nutrients, and can act as a soil improver or mulch. Great for any garden and a suitable alternative for smaller coverage areas.

Our dig in compost is delivered loosely and not in pre-packaged bags. The truck used on the day by our team will also depend on the amount and volume of compost ordered. One of our team members will get in touch once your order is placed to discuss the products availability and size that you are after.

If the delivery address is located on a narrow street or is hard to access, it is important that you let our staff know well in advance before your scheduled delivery, and an alternative solution can be organised. This product is also available for click and collect - please speak with our team beforehand to organise a pick up time.

For our Mushroom Compost, this can be delivered anywhere across Melbourne without the need for a delivery truck. This product is also available for click and collect.

Depending on the size of your order, location of the delivery, and truck capacity being used, several deliveries may be needed which can incur additional fees.

We recommend having tarp laid out in your designated delivery area. As the compost is tipped loosely, this will ensure you are able to move it with ease as needed. It’s important that this location is in an area that is accessible for our trucks to navigate to.

For Mushroom Compost as they are delivered in prepackaged bags, they do not require any prior preparation.

Our Dig In Compost does not come prepackaged. Our Mushroom Compost is the only variety that comes pre-packaged.

We deliver to all properties across Metro Melbourne.

Delivery costs vary depending on the volume of Compost ordered, location and amount of times a truck is required to fulfil the order. For enquiries about delivery fees we recommend getting in touch with our staff before ordering.