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Hardwearing Instant Lawn

It’s no secret that Australian summers are particularly harsh on lawns of all types, especially in Melbourne. With varying temperatures to contend with throughout the year, TifTuf is a fantastic lawn that is perfect for almost any application. Hardwearing and drought tolerant, this lawn is bred to withstand drought conditions and combat cold winter months.

The Quick Facts

  • Very fine leaf – dense growth
  • Minimum sun = 5 hours
  • Very high drought tolerance – requires 38% less water
  • High shade tolerance – up to 50%
  • Suitable for full sun or 50% filtered light
  • Medium maintenance – less fertiliser/less water but will need to be mowed regularly ( up to two times a week)
  • High traffic – self repairs – kids/animals/activities
  • Bright green all year round – less dormancy in Winter compared to others
  • Fast establishing – inhibits weed establishment due to density
  • Used on golf courses and sports fields

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Orders are subject to turf and truck availability, with delivery confirmation sent via SMS after 3pm the business day before delivery. Turf is delivered to naturestrip - driver does not knock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tiftuf need to be watered regularly?

Due to its hardwearing properties and fine leaf blades, Tiftuf is extremely water efficient and highly durable. It’s also able to withstand high temperatures in summer, and freezing temperatures in winter making it a great choice when looking for a lawn that looks great all year round. When installing Tiftuf, minimal water is required to get established - perfect for water restricted suburbs - and saves on average 38% in water usage compared to other lawn varieties.

Will Tiftuf Bermuda grow in shade?

Tiftuf only needs approximately 4 hours of direct sunlight each day to thrive, and maintain its vibrant green appearance. Research has also shown that this lawn type can withstand extremely cold temperatures (down to -20° C), making it a great solution for Melbourne backyards, capable of withstanding early morning frost in Winter effectively.

What type of soil is best suited for Tiftuf?

All soil types work with Tiftuf, including clay, sand, alkaline or acidic. However, it performs at its best in well drained soils, like most drought tolerant grasses.

Is Tiftuf easy to maintain?

Very easy to maintain, and resistant to pests and weeds, Tiftuf requires minimal maintenance year round in order to keep its fresh appearance for your lawn. Due to the lawn’s rapid regrowth, we suggest looking to mow your lawn once a week during spring and summer. In cooler months, Tiftuf is dormant, so only look at mowing your lawn as needed.


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