Firewood Supplier Melbourne

Our range of long-burning Redgum, Mixed and Hardwood firewood are perfect for home or commercial use in fireplaces, chimneys and pizza ovens. All our firewood is sustainably sourced and is delivered Melbourne wide. Each piece of firewood is supplied at roughly the same size as a shoe box or milk carton and is split, dried and ready to burn. In some cases there may be slightly larger pieces that require them to be split, but generally they will be suitable for fireplaces of all sizes. Contact our team today for more information about our firewood range on (03) 9331 5300.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are approx. 2 metres per tonne of firewood.

All firewood delivery is by tipper truck across Metro Melbourne, which is then delivered as close and as safely as possible to where you need it (driveways and nature strips included). It is important to be aware that our drivers do not stack the firewood delivery. For more information contact our friendly team today!

Generally over a Melbourne Winter season we see customers buy anywhere between 1 to 3 tonnes. There is no clear cut answer however on how much firewood is the right amount to buy, as this is determined by a number of factors such as how frequently you burn, how long you burn and if you burn all day or only at night. Please contact our friendly and experienced staff to find out more.

Our firewood is dry, seasoned and is ready to burn. For the best results we highly recommend adding kindling alongside your firewood, scrunched up newspaper or use a firelighter to get the most out of your firewood burning time.

All our firewood comes from both VIC and NSW managed logging. These firewood logs are a by-product of logging for the timber industry, and are all sustainably managed for future harvesting. The Green Centre is also a proud member of the Firewood Association of Australia, and is committed to supporting the long term sustainability of locally sourced firewood.

Regular: Averages the size of a work boot shoe box

POW: Averages the size of a wine bottle

Mixed: Averages the size of a loaf of bread.

The only real difference between Redgum firewood and Mixed hardwood is the variety of wood as they have the same burning qualities.

No, we do not stack the wood – we tip off the wood as close to a place nominated by you (depending on the safety and access). For more information, contact our friendly team today.