How To Choose The Right Sized Firewood For Your Fireplace

When receiving your regular sized Redgum or Mixed Firewood order, you will get pieces that are roughly the size of a large shoebox. You will also find other pieces in there, some are a little bit smaller, and some medium sized.

Are Firewood Pieces Consistent In Size?

Our firewood is sourced from different suppliers, so they can vary in size from time to time. The reality is that you might need an axe to chop some of the bigger pieces. Also, the problem is, everyone has a different sized fireplace. Some people love these big pieces, some people like the medium sized pieces. There is no perfect sized firewood, as everyone's fireplace is different.

What Firewood Should I Choose If I Have A Small Fireplace?

If these pieces are going to be too big for you as a regular sized firewood, then you may need to move into our pizza oven Double Split Redgum. We only do the pizza oven in Redgum, and sits roughly the same size as a wine bottle, and is consistently that size. If you have a smaller fireplace, or physically can’t handle the bigger pieces of firewood, that’s the option that you want to go for.

For More Information About Firewood Sizing

For more information or any assistance in choosing the right sized firewood for your fireplace, please contact our experienced team today on (03) 9331 5300 or visit us in store.

*Note - transcribed from Different Firewood Sizing.