Soil Screening

Onsite Soil Screening for Efficient Repurposing

Soil screening allows the soil to be rejuvenated for re-use cutting down waste, reducing cartage and landfill fees and enabling the repurposing of soil on commercial sites.

The Green Centre has a range of soil screening machines to suit any site. We bring the soil screening machine to you, complete with an operator allowing the soil to be efficiently screened and repurposed on site. We are fully insured for the work we do and can provide the service anywhere in Victoria.

Common soil screening projects include:

Landscaping/Civil: Large housing estates being developed often have stockpiles of site soil they can screen and then re-use as the landscaping works are commenced.

Building Demolition: After the bulk of larger building demolition waste has been removed off site we are often called in to screen the remnants of material that has been mixed with site soil. This enables the building developer to deduce costs going to inert and landfill and potentially use soils on site.

Council Works: The Green Centre can provide options for councils in separating different types of waste materials they may have stockpiled. These include general rubbish mixed with soil or compost material they wish to screen down to a smaller size.

We are more than happy to come and have a look at your site to discuss and quote on the best option for you.

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