Garden Supplies For Sale in Melbourne

Whether you're an experienced landscape architect, or a novice with green thumbs, The Green Centre is one of Melbourne's leading garden and firewood suppliers, and we have the organic garden soil, mulch, and/ or compost you need for your next garden project, or just to maintain your garden at home. Simply put – we've got you covered!

Locally Sourced Soils

Our locally sourced garden soil from Keilor Park is organic and environmentally-friendly, and our experienced, friendly staff are ready to provide you with sound advice so you select the correct supplies to beautify your garden and home. We also provide a residential garden waste disposal service – we seek to do our part and prevent garden waste from ending up in landfill.

Shop our range of garden supplies now for quality products that don't harm the environment. If it's garden supplies you're after, we've got just what you're looking for!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we make our mulch from recycled green waste/garden cuttings delivered to us by gardeners and households. It is a dark chocolate brown and comes in two sizes – Australian Native (Heavy) and English Country Garden (Fine) .

Our Botanical Blend is a ready to go mix or both gardens and veggies. 

Turf Loam is ideal – this sandy loam soil gives you a firm flat surface for laying your turf whilst staying nice and open for easy establishment.

For soil or mulch/compost products, measure out the m2 and divide by the depth you require. If you’re still unsure, contact our friendly, experienced staff.

Our organic compost is made from 100% recycled green waste.  Whilst it’s not certified organic, it is as close as possible.

Soil delivery is by tipper truck, and is delivered as close and safely as possible to where you need it - driveways or nature strips included. 

A unique blend containing soil, sandy loam, mixed with manure which will supply your plants and flowers with the nutrients they need. This does have recycled compost in it, so it can be possible for tiny pieces of glass or plastic to get through into the blend.

No, we have our own mulch and compost