Instant Turf Review - Drought Tolerant Turfs

Instant Turf Review - Drought Tolerant Turfs

Turf Samples

Here is a picture of our instant turf samples. As you can see, we have let them grow throughout Winter without any maintenance.

The drought tolerant turfs usually lose colour during winter. As you can see, the samples are still retaining their color quite well even though we are well into September.

A couple of ideas to reduce colour loss prior to the Winter season:

1. Top dress turf with Turf Loam soil to level out areas and dips.

2. 'do not cut the grass once the colder weather is approaching.

Turf Availability as at today...

RTF Tall Fescue is $100%

Nullarbor Couch Legend oversown with Rye is 100%

Drought Tolerant Turfs

Sir Walter Buffalo is currently at 80% colour

Nullarbor Couch Legend is 60% colour

Nullarbor Couch is $70% colour

Eureka Kikuyu Premium VG is 70%

For those of you wanting to install a drought tolerant turf, the best time to install it is once we have had 3 weeks of warmer weather (approx 24degrees).

It you would like a quote or have any queries, please call 9331-5300.


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