Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Guide

Sir Walter Buffalo is Australia's number one selling grass, and is massive in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. This type of grass grows aggressively in Queensland & New South Wales because the climate is so hot.

Does Sir Walter Buffalo Grow Well In Melbourne?

In Melbourne, because it is a little bit cooler, and only grows aggressively over the 6 warmer months during the year, whilst in the Winter months it goes dormant. By going dormant, it means it just won't grow (it won't die) - it just won't grow, so that it stays at the exact same level for the Winter.

What Month Does Sir Walter Start To Grow?

Then come Spring and Summer, after the AFL grand final it really takes off again. It is a beautiful grass and is really hardy. It's an all-rounder, and is great for kids, or if you have dogs as it is self repairing. This type of grass also has long blades, and is quite thick, so if you have kids and are rolling balls over it, it is quite slow.

Is Sir Walter Better Suited For Residential Or Sporting Use?

Where Couch grass is a little bit faster and more suited to activity where sports are being played. Buffalo is a bit thicker, and is very soft under foot and hand (even here now it feels great!) When you get it, it comes in slabs.

I just folded it over, and as you can see you get about 25mm of soil that comes with the grass. And the grass itself, looks beautiful and is nice and lush. And then when you come to your backyard (pretend this is your backyard), you just roll it out and it is as good as gold. 

How Long Does It Take For The Lawn To Establish?

This type of grass also comes with a free starter/launcher, where you put this underneath the grass before you lay it. Then you add grass on top and water it in. Generally, it takes 6-8 weeks to get establish and if you can pull it off the ground then it hasn't established yet. However, if you can't pull it up, then it means that the root system has taken and it is established.

How Do I Order Sir Walter Buffalo Grass?

To order your Sir Walter Buffalo lawn contact our team on (03) 9331 5300. We will be happy to discuss with you any questions you may have around the lawn, as well as book in your order and delivery times.

*Note - transcribed from Sir Walter Buffalo Delivered in Melbourne.