Premium Eureka Kikuyu VG

Premium Eureka Kikuyu VG

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The Perfect All Rounder Instant Lawn

Our Premium Eureka Kikuyu VG is a small to medium leaf (finer than regular Kikuyu), warm season grass with very high self-repairing properties that make it perfect for high traffic areas or dogs who love to dig.

Premium Eureka Kikuyu VG has a rich green colour and is a hardy, aggressive grass. The runners will make their way underground into garden beds and under paths if not kept under control. This grass type can be cut lower than most instant lawn varieties without causing damage and should be kept between 25-50mm.


Quick Facts About Eureka Kikuyu VG

  • Small to medium, fine leaf (finer than regular)
  • Minimum sun = 6 hours
  • Drought tolerant
  • Requires full sun – doesn’t cope too well with shade
  • Shade tolerance – up to 25%
  • High maintenance – regular mowing and edging
  • Surface and underground runners – invasive
  • Great for nature strips
  • High traffic and aggressive growth – easily copes with high wear and tear
  • Best grass for dogs
  • Rich green colour
  • Easily establishes in cooler climates – perfect for Victorian conditions

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19m2 and under $230
20m2 or more $165

Orders are subject to turf and truck availability, with delivery confirmation sent via SMS after 3pm the business day before delivery. Turf is delivered to naturestrip - driver does not knock.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I water Eureka Kikuyu VG grass?

Kikuyu Premium VG requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking vibrant and healthy. We generally recommend in the first 2 to 4 weeks to water regularly to help establish and develop its root system. Note, the soil under the lawn should be damp and not dry. After this period, it is fine to water once every 7 to 10 days.

Will Kikuyu Premium VG take over weeds in my backyard?

As it is a creeping grass, Kikuyu is excellent for blocking and preventing the spread of weeds throughout your backyard.

What can I use if weeds start appearing in my Kikuyu?

Hand weeding is generally the best way to get rid of spot issues throughout your Kikuyu lawn. Because Kikuyu is not exempt from herbicides, you can include Winter Grass Killer as part of your lawn care routine - apply at the end of Winter/start of Spring for best results.

What is the best fertiliser for Kikuyu Premium VG?

To help your lawn get established and stay healthy throughout the year, we recommend using Sir Walter Fertiliser. This is a premium lawn fertiliser that can be used to dress your lawn at the start of each season.

How do I keep Kikuyu grass green in Winter?

Kikuyu is a popular choice due to its hardwearing properties and ability to withstand some of the harshest Victorian winters. The best way to care for your lawn in winter is to have a consistent lawn care and maintenance routine, and keep a close eye on the lawn in the first 12 weeks in establishing a healthy root system. If the lawn is starting to look slightly discoloured do not be discouraged, as it will likely bounce back right away after the peak of winter has passed.


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