Premium Eureka Kikuyu VG
Premium Eureka Kikuyu VG

Premium Eureka Kikuyu VG

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Our Premium Eureka Kikuyu VG is a small to medium leaf (finer than regular Kikuyu), warm season grass with very high self-repairing properties that make it perfect for high traffic areas or dogs who love to dig.

Premium Eureka Kikuyu VG has a rich green colour and is a hardy, aggressive grass. The runners will make their way underground into garden beds and under paths if not kept under control. This grass type can be cut lower than most instant lawn varieties without causing damage and should be kept between 25-50mm.

The Quick Facts

  • Root System: Deep rooting
  • Runners: Fairly aggressive
  • Drought Tolerant: Yes (Very)
  • Colour: Rich green
  • Sun ‘v’ Shade: Full sun
  • Leaf type: Medium to fine blade
  • Self-Repairing: Yes
  • Cool or Warm Season: Warm

Delivery Information

Delivery Charges Melbourne Metro Only : 19m2 or less is $195.00 / 20m2 or more is $140.00 per delivery. Availability is limited so please call our office before ordering on (03) 9331 5300.

Orders are subject to turf and truck availability, with delivery confirmation sent via SMS after 3pm the business day before delivery. Turf is delivered to naturestrip - driver does not knock. Orders that are less than 20m2, will incur a higher delivery charge, please call for pricing.

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