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Grass Review Comparisons

There are a few different ways of preparing and installing a new lawn.

Grass Seeds

Seeded Lawn

Seeding your new lawn is the most cost effective and affordable method of establishing a new lawn, however, as you can see from this picture, the consistency may not be what you expected. Also, this process can take quite a long time to establish.

Weather and rainfall will take a toll on the soil, and in addition to this, birds will most likely think the seeds are a real treat!

The biggest problem you will encounter is weeds, as digging the soil will encourage weed growth and bring weeds to the surface.

If you decide to go with this option, we do have a great variety of boutique grass seeds to choose from. Click here to view the varieties available.

Instant Lawn

Couch Naturestrip

Whilst slightly more expensive, instant lawn is just that “instant”. You get the immediate results of a lush green grass with minimal maintenance.

Varieties vary from $8.45m2 to $11.95m2 plus delivery.  Click here to view the varieties and prices available. Please note that Sir Walter Buffalo pictured here is currently on special at $11m2 plus delivery.

It is very difficult to successfully install Instant Lawn from seed, so difficult in fact, that the farm re-establish their crops using propagation.


Sprigs can take up to a year to grow.

Our Turf Farm in country Victoria propagate from cuttings. When the harvesting machine is cutting out rolls of new instant lawn from the ground, the machine will simply leave narrow strips of grass in-between where the rolls of sod are being cut from.

Buffalo Grass Harvesting

Once harvesting is completed, these narrow strips of turf are left in place and will eventually re-grow and cover the empty areas once more.

When the ground is once again covered with a dense, even sward of new grass, it’s time to harvest the new crop once again.


We would love to discuss the different options available to you

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