What Is Double Split Redgum Firewood?

Double Split Redgum Firewood is one of our great classic products we have here at The Green Centre. They are small and consistently come in the sizes of around a 1 or 2 litre milk container or a wine bottle.

This type of firewood is perfect for pizza ovens (especially outdoor ones), outdoor fire pits or small Victorian fireplaces. This variety of firewood is also great if you do not have the tools or wish to cut firewood. They easily are stackable next to your fireplace, and are supplied always dry at a consistent size.

For more information about our Double Split Redgum or other firewood varieties, please get in touch with our team today on (03) 9331 5300 or via email at info@thegreencentre.com.au.

*Note - transcribed from Double Split Redgum Firewood.