Mill End Firewood

What Is Mill End Firewood?

Mill End are a fantastic affordable firewood, and are a bi-product of the saw milling process. They look square and you will get all different shapes and sizes, there will be some that are the size of a fist, and others that are similar to the size of small books and novels.

How To Tell If Your Firewood Is Mill End?

Generally, they take on the appearance of off-cuts of flooring. It is important to remember that these pieces are from a saw mill and have not been treated. They are a cheap, and affordable product and make for a suitable alternative to different types of firewood, or if you are looking to create a blended mix with Redgum to bring the price down.

Are Mill End Firewood Suitable For Long Fires?

The chunky sized pieces burn all night, and you will get a few smaller ones that are great for starting your fire. At home, I use them to stack, lock the door and away you go. 

Is Mill End Firewood High Quality?

They are usually from a high class saw mill like an Ironbark, not all the time, but they do come from various saw mills and are great for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Highly recommend giving this a go one day.

For Inquiries About Mill End Firewood

For more information about Mill End Firewood please contact our experienced team on (03) 9331 5300 or email us at We will be more than happy to assist when choosing the right firewood for you.

*Note - transcribed from Mill Ends.