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Installing Instant Turf

Frequently Asked Questions about Installing Instant Lawn

What type of turf should I install?

We suggest you go to our How To Page where there is a short video or check out our Blog for pictures and comparisons

Can I pick up turf directly from you?

No – you will need to call to pre-order your turf so that it can be freshly harvested at our turf farm / payment up front is required

What is the delivery charge for Melbourne Metro?

Most Melbourne Suburbs incur a $140 delivery fee (turf comes from the country)

Best soil to use underneath your instant lawn?

We suggest Turf Loam sandy soil for optimum results. Creates an ideal base and compacts well allowing your turf to establish successfully / also suitable for top dressing lawns

How long until I can go on my new lawn?

We do suggest that there is no traffic on newly laid turf for approximately 6-8 weeks to achieve optimum results

Do I need to top dress with washed sand?

Remember to top dress Sir Walter Buffalo with Washed Sand, concentrating on the joins and edges, this ensures the gaps don’t dry out – approx ½ m3 to 100m2

Do I need to order lawn starter?

No – you will receive FREE Lawn Starter with your turf to help establish and encourage root growth

Do I need to fertilise my new instant lawn?

Apply fertiliser 6 weeks after installation and then at the beginning of Spring, Summer and Autumn – 10kg Sir Walter Fertiliser (covers approx 500m2)

Where does the driver put my turf?

Unless there are special instructions the forklift driver will leave the turf on the nature strip and will not knock on the door

Do you do turf installation?

No, we do not offer turf installation or landscaping

Please call us to discuss which type of instant lawn is best for you.

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