Double Split Redgum
Double Split Redgum
Double Split Redgum

Double Split Redgum

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Double split Redgum, split to fit into your pizza oven or smaller fireplace. Hmmm, what a great idea!

Often used in the smaller Victorian fireplaces or by pubs who don’t have time to split firewood. Perhaps you physically can’t lift bigger pieces? Then this is the product for you.

How do you weigh firewood?

We use certified scales on our front end loader to measure the weight of our firewood.

What size is the firewood?

Our Double Split Redgum is double split to the size of a wine bottle and suitable for smaller Victorian fireplaces, small wood heaters and, of course pizza ovens. (sizes will vary slightly).

Watch this video to see the different sizes of firewood.

Do you stack firewood?

All deliveries of firewood are tipped off. We do not offer stacking as a part of our delivery service.

Our firewood is sourced is 100% sustainable, seasoned, dry and ready to burn.

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