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Mixed Firewood

$320.00 Per tonne

Split, dry, seasoned and ready to burn high quality Mixed Hardwood

Price: $210 per ½ tonne or $320 per tonne

Delivered Melbourne wide – delivery charges apply

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High quality dry seasoned mixed hardwood firewood is now available.

What is the variety of firewood?
This will vary from time to time, generally it will be ironbark, mixed box woods and Ash. Our Mixed Firewood will always be equivalent to our redgum firewood and have a high heat output and long burning time. Victorians have often grown up using redgum only, however we strongly urge you to try our mixed hardwood. There’s not much difference, except the price!

What size can I expect?
As a guide, our Mixed Firewood is split ROUGHLY to the size of a shoe box, but you WILL get pieces that are bigger and smaller (sizes will vary).

How do you measure firewood?
We use certified scales on our front end loader to measure the weight of our firewood.

Do you stack firewood?
All deliveries of firewood are tipped off. We do not offer stacking as a part of our delivery service.

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Our firewood is  is 100% sustainable.