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Important Information:

** Due to current turf shortages, please call to check that your turf variety is available prior to placing your order **

Same day orders : cannot be placed online, you will need to call 93315300 before 9:30am the business day prior to delivery.

Delivery Dates : orders are always subject to turf and truck availability.

Please note : Unless there are special instructions the forklift driver will leave the turf on your naturestrip and will not knock on the door.

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Eureka Kikuyu, or simply Kik, is a medium leaf, warm season grass perfect for high traffic areas, kids to play on, or dogs who love to dig. Due to its high ability to self-repair Eureka Kikuyu is an aggressive grass and the runners will make their way underground and subsequently into garden beds and under paths if not kept under control. Eureka Kikuyu can be cut lower than most grasses without causing damage and should be kept between 25-50mm. Oversow with Rye grass:  We oversow some of our warm season varieties of turf with a transitional Ryegrass for sale from April to September, which helps overcome the issue of installing warm season grass in the cooler months. The Ryegrass is actively green and growing through the winter months and will hold the sod to the surface until the spring.


LSA Turf Warranty: Lawn Solutions Australia provides a 10 year warranty for instant turf from the date of installation. It is important to follow the laying and care instructions provided with your turf delivery. Due to the perishable nature of turf, it must be installed immediately upon delivery. If any issues arise, you must notify us in writing within 8 hours of delivery. Please ensure that you make yourself familiar with the warranty conditions. To view the full Product Warranty Certificate please contact us at

The Quick Facts:

  • Root system:  Deep rooting
  • Runners:  Aggressive runners
  • Drought Tolerant: Very drought tolerant
  • Colour:  Shamrock Green
  • Sun ‘v’ Shade:  Full Sun
  • Leaf type:  Medium with medium blade
  • Self-Repairing :  Yes
  • Cool or Warm Season:  Warm