Eureka Kikuyu PBR

Eureka Kikuyu PBR

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Eureka Kikuyu PBR, is a medium leaf, warm season grass that is suitable for high traffic areas, making it the perfect turf for kids to play on, and dogs who love to dig. What makes Kikuyu unique is its ability to self-repair quickly, as a result of its fast growing nature.

This means it will need to be mown more frequently compared to other grass types such as Sir Walter Buffalo, or Couch for example. If not maintained properly, Kikuyu can easily make its way underground into garden beds and paths. In order to maintain this lawn variety, we recommend keeping your mowing length between 25-50mm in length, this will ensure your lawn remains well kept without causing any damage.

The Quick Facts

  • Medium Leaf
  • Minimum sun = 6 hours
  • High drought tolerance
  • Requires full sun
  • Medium maintenance – low water and nutrient requirements
  • Cannot produce pollen/flowers so no seeds can be produced
  • High traffic
  • Excellent self-repair

Delivery Information

Delivery slots are filling up fast - we have a wait time of at least 2 weeks. Availability is limited and yard pickup is not available for this product. Please call our office on (03) 9331 5300 to discuss availability with our team.

Delivery Charges Melbourne Metro Only:

 Size Price
19m2 and under $220
20m2 or more $150

Orders are subject to turf and truck availability, with delivery confirmation sent via SMS after 3pm the business day before delivery. Turf is delivered to naturestrip - driver does not knock.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eureka Kikuyu PBR

How do I look after Kikuyu PBR grass in winter?

Kikuyu is a warm season grass, and you will get the best performance out of it across Spring and Summer when exposed to warm sunlight frequently. Once the warmer seasons have passed, Kikuyu will still continue to grow for several weeks, and slow down throughout Autumn and Winter. To get the most out of your lawn we suggest mowing as little as possible - but if needed we recommend mowing slightly higher than you normally would.

How often should you mow Kikuyu PBR?

During the warmer months we recommend aiming to mow your lawn every 5-7 days. That way this will keep your grass looking healthy and well kept.

Can you over water Kikuyu PBR?

Yes, it is possible to over water your lawn. Generally we recommend watering your lawn once a week or every 7 to 10 days depending on how fast it is growing. In the winter months minimal watering is required in order to maintain kikuyu.

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