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Clean Fill


40mm clean fill

At the end of the soil recycling process, The Green Centre often has some fill material left over.

40mm Clean Fill

This 40mm clean fill product consists mainly of rock, rubble or balls of hardened soil. Due to the nature of soil recycling this material will always be different.

There may also be some small pieces of glass in this product. People sometimes use this for road base, behind retaining walls or to fill up an area before putting a quality soil over the top.

Rock/Rubble Fill

20140130_144046This fill material is made up of hardened soil and may have some rock, builders rubble, brick or glass in it. Perfect for filling in that large area.

There is no charge for this product except for the delivery charge.

Fill Wanted

The Green Centre are always looking for bulk quantities of good quality, uncontaminated soil or sand from site digs for screening FREE of charge. We cannot take mud, clay etc. There can be a small amount of rock in the material, but the cleaner the better, as we have to take the remainder to the tip. Sometimes if you are not sure about the material you have, you might want to bring one load up for us to have a look at. We do reserve the right to refuse any loads that are not acceptable.