Turf Review - Summer Turf

Turf Review - Summer Turf

Summer Turf Seasonal Information:

Progressive turf photos - we trimmed half of each sample so that we had a comparison for you to view. Now that the weather is warming up, the turf is picking up really well and recovers quickly from a cut - as seen here from from day 1 to day 6 and below you can see the further growth into December (Summer).

Availability - November 2017:
Currently, the Victorian turf industry is experiencing a turf shortage like no other, a combination of inclement weather the last 2 years and increased demand due to the building boom. This season has been the most difficult turf growing season we have experienced in 20 years. Trucks are filling up quickly as we approach the festive season. At the moment there is limited stock, so please call to check the availability of all varieties of turf before placing your order.

Turf Samples - November 2017

Now is the time to fertilise your established turf with Sir Walter Fertiliser 10kg bucket covers approx 500m2


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