Turf Review - Spring Turf

Turf Review - Spring Turf

Spring Turf Seasonal Information:

Isn't the year going by quickly? It's time to venture back outside and enjoy your gardens and backyards. Now that the weather is starting to warm up the drought tolerant varieties will start to come out of their dormant phase and green up as you can see from our new turf samples.

Fertilising your instant lawn:
Remember to fertilise at the start of each season, Sir Walter Fertiliser 10kg available


Sir Walter Buffalo
Selling out quickly at the moment - book early to avoid disappointment - approximately 80% colour

Nullarbor Couch / Legend
Greening up nicely approximately 70% colour

Kikuyu Varieties
These are just starting to come out of dormancy

RTF - Tall Fescue
Available all year - 100% colour


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