Nullarbor Couch..... Week By Week
Instant Turf Review - The Green Centre Lawn Solutions ...Previously known as Santa Ana Couch... These pictures show the progress of how a drought tolerant turf loses colour during Winter With the warmer weather, the grass becomes lush and green...
Turf Globe!!

If you thought Avatar was good, you'll love our 3D Turf Globe. Try building one of these James Cameron.

Grow Your Own Furniture!

TERRA GRASS FURNITURE FOR FUN!!! Ever wondered what the answer is to your outdoor funiture set getting ruined over winter? Grow your own furniture! This Terra Grass Furniture will help you get the shape right and the rest is simple. Sculpt

Sir Walter Buffalo Topdressing

Sir Walter Buffalo Whenever laying Sir Walter Buffalo, it is important that you topdress with washed sand, concentrating on the joins and edges, this ensures the gaps don't dry out. The sand is applied to the joins and edges of

Legend Couch Oversown with Rye

Spring is here!! All of the flowers are out and blooming. Those of you that know your grasses will know that all buffalo and couch varieties of turf have been dormant throughout winter. Now that the warmer weather is starting