Nullarbor Couch..... Week By Week
Instant Turf Review - The Green Centre Lawn Solutions ...Previously known as Santa Ana Couch... These pictures show the progress of how a drought tolerant turf loses colour during Winter With the warmer weather, the grass becomes lush and green...
Santa Ana - Best Lawn In Melbourne
If you want to have a look at the best looking turf in Melbourne check out the Santa Ana Couch outside the Tennis Centre in Melbourne..... It looks amazing!!
Compare Sir Walter Buffalo - Oct vs Dec
SUMMER AT LAST!!!! As you can see quite clearly here, the difference that a couple of months makes to the appearance of the established Sir Walter Buffalo.
Instant Turf Review

Warm Season Grasses (Drought Tolerant) Turfs such as Buffalo, Kikuyu and Couch are still coming out of their dormancy due to the colder weather we have been experiencing. Sir Walter Buffalo (approx 90% colour) Premium Legend Couch (approx 90% colour)

Established Sir Walter Lawn

This is my friend's lawn with established Sir Walter Buffalo as you can see there has been some slight colour loss during the colder months, but the lawn is still predominantly green.

Turf Samples

WOW SPRING HAS ARRIVED!!! Sunny and heaps of flowers . I am really enjoying watching the multi-coloured tulips emerge out of the ground in the neighbour's garden Today I thought you might like to see how the turf samples are greening up

Turf Globe!!

If you thought Avatar was good, you'll love our 3D Turf Globe. Try building one of these James Cameron.

Grow Your Own Furniture!

TERRA GRASS FURNITURE FOR FUN!!! Ever wondered what the answer is to your outdoor funiture set getting ruined over winter? Grow your own furniture! This Terra Grass Furniture will help you get the shape right and the rest is simple. Sculpt