Firewood Shortages - Keeping Our Customers Warm This Winter
One month into Winter, and you will most probably be well aware of the major firewood shortages across Victoria. When we say shortages, we are referring to availability of dry firewood. To ensure that our customers keep warm this Winter...
SmartBurn for your Fireplace
Channel 10 - Healthy Homes 20th May featuring SmartBurn Managing Director, Glenn Fretwell, talks all things SmartBurn - the benefits, the features and why you'should be using SmartBurn in wood heaters. The Green Centre : Sustainable Redgum Firewood - online...
Pretty in Pink!

Some photos I took this morning our Redgum Firewood was pink in the sunlight seasoned, dry, split, clean and ready to burn order now 9331 5300.

Pre-Xmas Wood Special Pizza Oven Wood Now Available!!!! Order 3m3 or more for delivery before 22nd December and get 1/2 price delivery!!!! Stock up before Xmas and stack away for next year ensuring you beat any future price increases. Redgum...
Is our Redgum Firewood Wet??

Ok, so typical Melbourne weather, we are getting lots of rain in Spring .. Some of you may ask, is our firewood 'dry ? Of course after rain our firewood is wet, however, it is 'split and dry which essentially means that