Steve Waugh Charity Thank you "The Green Centre"

To the staff at The Green Centre,

Last month we asked for companies for products to help with the Stave Waugh Foundation Renee 2 that was being built in Lyndarum.

Upon our request your company offered soil for the job and delivered the products free of charge.

As a representative of Ausland Landscaping I went out to the fundraiser day at the estate and spoke to Steve Waugh personally. He thanked us for the work that was carried out and was grateful for all the donations made so the sale of the house could provide as much money for the charity as possible.

I just wanted to forward on his and our appreciation for the donations your company made. It was much appreciated.

From all the staff at Ausland we wish everyone at your company a merry Christmas and a successful new year.


Dale Morcom

Project Manager / Estimator

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