Spring Instant Turf Review - did someone say HAIL?

Spring Instant Turf Review - did someone say HAIL?

We are now well into spring - in saying that, can you believe we had hail in the Northern suburbs over the weekend.


As you can see, my veggie garden took a bit of a beating!

Ok now onto turf... the reason I mentioned the hail was to show that we are not really into the warmer weather just yet.

The drought tolerant grasses are still at approximately 80-90% colour.

They prefer 24 degrees or warmer to be at their optimum growth levels.

So long story short, don't panic, as soon as the warmer weather comes, the drought tolerant varieties'such as Sir Walter Buffalo, Nullarbor Couch and Eureka Kikuyu will thrive.

Remember to only water once or twice a week during the Summer months to encourage a deep root system.

The grass should be allowed to partly dry out between waterings. This will let air get to the root system.

This is also the perfect time to fertilise your instant lawn.

10kg Sir Walter Fertiliser (covers approx. 500m2) 4kg Sir Walter Fertiliser (covers approx. 100-200m2)

Sir Walter Fertiliser

Queries: (03) 9331-5300


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  • thegreencentre

    Thanks for the extra tips Alison :)

  • alison

    Goodness, your poor vegie garden did cop a beating didn’t it !!

    And on to turf… your right less frequent deeper watering for turf is ideal as it does help to develop deep root growth
    BUT… don’t hold back on extra watering during those peak heat period when we are getting 30-40 deg heat continuously day after day.

    Airing out between watering is great but don’t allow the turf to dry out too much during those peak heat periods or it may suffer a bit too much

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