SmartBurn - Environmentally Friendly

Some answers to your questions about SmartBurn.

How long will my new SmartBurn last?
Approximately 3 months is the usual life of a SmartBurn

When should I get a SmartBurn?
It is suggested that you start using at the beginning of Winter to avoid flue soot build-up throughout the colder months.

How can I tell if my'smartBurn is finished?
There are a couple of tell-tale signs:

  1. when cold, shake and if there is a rattle, there will still be active ingredients in your SmartBurn;
  2. if it is working, after an overnight burn, there will still be red coals in your wood heater the following morning; and
  3. if it is not working, you will notice the glass door of your wood heater getting blacker.

Will the SmartBurn unblock my flue?
Yes, to a large degree. The ingredients in SmartBurn will melt once your fire is hot enough. Vapour will escape holes in the end of the SmartBurn tube which will improve burn and efficiency of your fire. After about 3 weeks, the SmartBurn should clean your flue of existing soot. Please note: If your flue is completely blocked, you will not be able to start your fire as it will not be able to draw enough oxygen

Where should I place the SmartBurn?
Best to place to the side of your fireplace, ensuring that the holes are not covered by soot.

Will the SmartBurn reduce the chance of chimney fire?
Yes, during the lifetime of a SmartBurn, it will reduce up to 15kg of soot and sap going into the environment. (as seen on Channel 7, Better Homes and Gardens - May 2009)

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to call us on 03-93315300.


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