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Greenwaste Recycling

Organic Compost & Mulch

The Green Centre began in 1994 as a recycling and green waste disposal facility in Melbourne. In a time where the majority of green waste was going to landfill, The Green Centre pioneered a system to take garden waste and compost it down to Mulch and Compost to be used back in gardens, effectively closing the recycling loop back the community.

Our mulch is made from 100% recycled green waste that is screened after a 6-8 week composting process. The high temperatures (up to 80 C) and bacteria involved in this composting process kills any seeds or any weeds contained in the greenwaste.

We suggest at least 3 inches of coverage of mulch in your garden to reduce the chance of weeds growing through.

With Spring here, please call 9331-5300 if you need soil, mulch or instant turf.

OPEN: Monday - Saturday

This is the massive grinder which grinds up the greenwaste which will eventually become organic compost and mulch.

You can see the steam rising from the greenwaste in the cold morning air. This is caused by the high temperatures reached in the composting process.

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