"Off The Boat" Pizzeria e Gelateria

"Off The Boat" Pizzeria e Gelateria

C F Handmade Woodfired Ovens

203 Edwardes St, Reservoir - 9460 9646

This blog takes The Green Centre on a visit to Reservoir to meet Giuseppe the part-owner of Off The Boat. Giuseppe is also a third generation builder of handmade woodfired pizza ovens. Visit his facebook page to see some of his handywork here.

Pizza Oven

I was fortunate enough to sample the Chef's special "Off The Boat" pizza with mozzarella, cherry tomato, ricotta, pesto and zucchini cooked with our Quality Redgum Pizza Oven Firewood. The staff were friendly and I walked the short distance to dine in the Edwardes Park Lake across the road.

Delicious.... Does life get better than this....??

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