15kg Bagged Firewood - $14 per bag!!

15kg Bagged Firewood - $14 per bag!!

Great news - Reduced Price!!

THE GREEN CENTRE are now producing and stocking our

own bagged Redgum Firewood and Kindling.

To Order Online click here

Storage issues and stairs are no longer a problem this is the answer you have been waiting for.

All wood is supplied in 15kg bags. The wood is weighed by commercially approved scales

Bagged Firewood - Ute

Wholesale enquiries welcome

The size of wood is approximately the size of a wine bottle.

Perfect for that last minute fire or to take camping.

We only use high strength woven polypropylene bags to ensure there are

no breakages or tears during manufacturing and transportation.

Sustainably harvested

High heat output

Long lasting

Ready to burn

*Please note: Minimum delivery is 5 bags per load

Yard pick available for individual bags - $14 per bag

Kindling - $10 per 5kg bag

To order online click here

All firewood is harvested in accordance with the Department Of Environment And Primary Industries and we work with a select group of established firewood processors ensure that all our environmental requirements are met.

This means you can be sure you're always getting a 100% sustainable, eco-friendly product.

Coming soon..... Charcoal related products!!


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