Maintaining a Wood Heater - Smartburn

Maintaining a Wood Heater - Smartburn

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Combustion gases will condense and build up in flues or chimneys.

A black tar-like substance called creosote will build up and this will'restrict the air flow in the heater or fireplace, reducing its efficiency.

Eventually this can completely block the flue, making the fire impossible to operate.

One sign of a blocked flue is smoke coming into the room when you open the heater door.

Creosote appearing on the glass door is another indication that your heater is not working properly.

Warning: Because creosote is flammable, if the chimney or flue gets hot enough the creosote can catch alight, causing a dangerous chimney fire.

It is strongly recommended that you remove creosote build up regularly, at most every two years.

This is best done by engaging a chimney sweep who will have all of the right equipment.

Making cleaning your chimney flue SIMPLE and STRESS FREE SmartBurn is a combustion catalyst for wood heaters Based upon a mixture of natural, non-toxic and non-corrosive ingredients which dissolve preventing further build-ups in your flue.


With proper maintenance certified wood heaters will last for many years

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