Legend Couch Oversown with Rye

This is all Legend Couch, the lower half has been oversown with Rye.

Spring is here!!

All of the flowers are out and blooming. Those of you that know your grasses will know that all buffalo and couch varieties of turf have been dormant throughout winter. Now that the warmer weather is starting to arrive, the turf will start to pick up again and get more colour.

Today I wanted to post a picture of the Legend oversown with Rye. This is a photo directly from the Turf Farm. As you can see from this picture, the grass is all Premium Legend Couch (usually $9.80m2) and the lower half is oversown with Rye (add an extra $1m2). Clearly you can see this gives you a variety of turf that has more colour while the Legend starts to come out of its dormancy.

The Turf Farm offer a spray out service for the Rye, but usually it just diminishes during Summer while the Legend dominates.


Enjoy the sun!!


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