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The Green Centre - Instant Lawn

Spring is a great time to lay your turf. As you are probably aware, the buffalo & couch type grasses go dormant during winter, but they are now coming out of their dormant phase and greening up nicely. If you wait until March/April, you will find that the weather will be too cold for the turf to establish well. Drought tolerant turfs prefer the warmer weather.

Like all grasses, instant turf requires cutting. As you can see here are some before and after photos of our instant turf samples. Please feel free to drop in anytime from Monday to Saturday 8am - 3pm, Stadium Drive, Keilor Park to view our samples in person.

As the warmer weather is upon us, it is a good idea to de-thatch Couch grasses. This means that each time you mow (over the course of 3 cuttings) you lower the blade a little each time. This will give your grass a chance to re-generate and have fresh new growth by removing the prickly dead pieces of grass that have accumulated during the winter months.

For further information please call 9331-5300.

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