How do you keep your indoor stove fire burning longer?

How do you keep your indoor stove fire burning longer?

Helpful Tips

Step 1: Preparation:

Preparing and gathering the necessary tools will be key in keeping your indoor stove burning longer through the day or night.

- Select a dried hardwood in a couple of sizes, which comes in handy when stacking the firewood. Ensure your firewood is fully seasoned and dry.

- Select a suitable kindling as a fire starter.

- Paper will cause a lot of ash, but it is preferable to use Newspaper without colour or gloss. No magazines.

- Matches

Step 2: Preparing the Indoor stove/ Fireplace:

- Once the fireplace has been cleared of excess ash from previous fires, set the smaller pieces of firewood in a criss-cross arrangement as a base, with newspaper (or alternatively a firelighter broken into small pieces) and firewood kindling set amongst it.

- You're now ready to light your fire easily without hassle.

Step 3: Lighting the Fire

- Once you've lit your fire starter and kindling, keep a close eye on whether the smaller pieces of firewood begin burning.

- Ensure that there is sufficient space between kindling, and logs which allows more oxygen to circulate throughout the fire.

Step 4: Adding Dry Firewood Logs

- Use a dense hardwood as this will burn for a longer time and at a hotter temperature

- Add the logs either in a criss-cross arrangement or set it up as a teepee structure.

- Again, ensure that there is sufficient space between logs for sufficient oxygen air-flow for your fire to burn well.

Step 5: Maintenance

- Clean your fireplace / indoor fire stove regularly

- Maintaining and monitoring the fire from here is very important.

- If your fire stove has a damper, adjust the oxygen levels by opening or closing slightly to allow the air to flow freely around your fire stove. This will result in a hotter and faster burn, or at an even, desired heat for longer depending on your chosen setting.

Follow these steps and you're now ready to enjoy your fire for longer throughout the night or whilst you are cooking.

Important: Maintain your stove or fireplace by removing excess ash build-up which will ensure better air flow


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