Hand Made Pizza Oven

Hand Made Pizza Oven

Pizza Ovens at home...

Tommy from Taylors Hill sent us a pic of the hand-made pizza oven he made from scratch....

Handmade Pizza Oven

"... I've had it for about a year now and I've really enjoyed it - it was worth the effort. It's about a 1.2m diameter internally. I've been buying firewood in bags which has been quite costly so I thought I would look into larger lots...."

As a result of Tommy's email, I thought I would research the cost of bags of firewood at your local service station.

Bags -vs- Buying in Bulk

15kg bag of Redgum Firewood will cost you $15ea - equating to $1 per kg.

Our Redgum Firewood is $150m3 (approx. 500kg) this equates to $0.30c per kg.)

So, clearly the cost of buying your firewood in bulk is far more cost effective than buying in bags.

Give us a call now on 9331-5300 to place an order.

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