GreenSocks - Easiest way to get your lawn mowed

GreenSocks - Easiest way to get your lawn mowed



If you're someone who takes pride in showcasing a lush, green lawn, you probably enjoy mowing it yourself. But this might not always be possible. Sometimes, due to work or family commitments, you just don't have the time. Other times, your body might like a break from the physical strain of lawn mowing or you might like to take an extended holiday abroad.

But who can you trust to mow your lawn when you can't? And who can help you when you don't want to sign up to a regular lawn mowing service?

Great news! We might just have the answer. We discovered today a new Australian company who might be able to help.


We talked to the co-founder of GreenSocks, Andrea Martins: Facebook

The Green Centre: Andrea, what is GreenSocks?

GreenSocks: GreenSocks is a service connecting people who need their lawns mowed to people who want to mow lawns.

The Green Centre: Why are you different from other lawn mowing companies?

GreenSocks: Firstly, we offer instant online quotes, so you never have to waste time waiting for in-person quote guys ever again. Secondly, we are not a one-man band that doesn't come on time for quotes or doesn't call you back in summer when it's busy. When you book with us, we tap into a network of mowing guys in your area and offer your job to the best provider available. Thirdly, we offer a convenient cashless system - which helps to weed out the dodgy guys who only want cash jobs.

The Green Centre: How can you tell if someone mows lawns well?

GreenSocks: We screen everyone by phone first. Then if we're convinced, we keep them on our register for when mowing jobs come in. We also collect a customer rating from every job completed, so we know which providers our customers rank the highest and those are the guys we offer new jobs to.

The Green Centre: Who are the people mowing lawns?

GreenSocks: All of our mowing providers run their own businesses. Most of them are full-time lawn mowing professionals with years of experience in lawn care and garden maintenance. But we also welcome part-time lawn mowers who might be holding down other jobs as well. For example, we've had a policeman do mowing jobs through us on his rostered off days, and we've had a fireman, a geologist, an arborist and a horticulturist sign up to mow lawns.

The Green Centre: Does GreenSocks cover all of Australia?

GreenSocks: Yes. We've got mowing providers now in most states in Australia and when we get a customer in an area where we don't have a registered mowing provider, we quickly find a provider in that area that we think will be the best to work with. We're only a few months old, but people have been really keen to work with us and some mowing guys have already received a lot of work from us, which we're very proud of.

The Green Centre: Do you service people who only need one-off mowing jobs?

GreenSocks: Yes, absolutely. We don't make anyone sign up to a regular service. We're just as happy to get short-term customers, as we are to get long-term customers.

The Green Centre: We notice that you also run some blogs on your site. What have been some of your most popular blog posts so far?

GreenSocks: Our most popular blog posts have been: 7 tips when your dog hates your lawn mower; Should I use mulch in my garden?; Will Japanese maple trees grow in Brisbane?; and The story of our first lawn mowing job.

The Green Centre: Andrea, thank you very much for sharing your new business news with us and we wish you and GreenSocks every success.


  • Andrea Martins

    Thanks so much Alison for your support!

  • alison hall

    Sounds like a really good solution for those people that need this service.
    Well done Green Socks.

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