For all those envious of their neighbours beautiful green lawns at the moment, since the recent rains, spare a thought for the volunteer gardeners in Japan.royal vista

here they come...

These diligent workers volunteer their time to ensure their national treasure Imperial Palace gardens in Tokyo are always looking pristine.


A source of national pride takes a lot of work, especially when picking weeds by hand, the volunteers descend like busy bees on mass in the morning and meticulously work their way across the gardens lawn, which is bigger than 2 football fields!busy

weeding crewBack here in Oz, a much simpler solution is stopping in to visit us here at The Green Centre and diluting some of our Weed Control into a spray bottle or watering can!!!

Our Weed Control can be used on established Couch, Bent, Kikuyu, Paspalum, Buffalo, Fescue and Rye lawn varieties. The weeds controlled are Bindii (Jo-Jo), Catsear, Clover (not Tas.), Creeping Oxalis, Cudweed, Dandelion, Plantain and Thistles.

So if you enjoy showing off a beautify lawn, but value your back and your time, come in to see us and save both!

TIP: My knees and back have suffered each time I spend hours plucking weeds from my garden beds around precious flowers and shrubs. While initially satisfying, this always becomes frustrating given many of them seem to come back! That is, until a valued friend and efficient gardener told me she'd never picked a weed from her garden beds in the last 20 years! I couldn't believe it, as her gardens were huge, always looked as though they were on show, they'd held many events and even a stunning Wedding in her backyard!

Yet she was quite relaxed about it and didn't spend all that much time out there clearly I must have looked slightly confused so she showed me a marvellous hint.

Next time you throw out your recycling, save an old 2L milk or OJ bottle. Cut the bottom out of it. Then you place it over the weeds, protecting your plants from any over spray, inserting the Weed Control spray nozzle into the pourer (minus the screw top lid, of course!) and kill those weeds!

Thanks Aunty Jill, you are legend!

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