The Green Centre meets Deganis Bakery Cafe

The Green Centre are now Degani's preferred firewood supplier throughout Melbourne

Yesterday my travels took me all over Melbourne from as far north as Craigieburn down to Wantirna South over to Lilydale then back to Diamond Creek.

My visit to the Northcote Degani's was around lunchtime and I had the pleasure of meeting George, one of the owner's of Degani's Northcote.

Fortunately it was lunchtime, and as you can see, I had a special woodfired pizza made just for me .. YUM!!!

Lunch is served - Special Pizza

Lunch is served Special Pizza

As you can see it was absolutely delicious. Dining was extremely relaxing whilst looking out over All Nations Park. The staff were friendly and inviting. I will be taking my friends back to visit very soon. I had an amazing day and can say I was made feel like a member of the Degani family of businesses. I would not hesitate to give my recommendation to dine at any of these stores.

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