Damaged Instant Lawn

Damaged Instant Lawn

Damaged Lawn Edges

If an edge of your lawn is damaged, cut out a rectangular section of grass that includes the spoiled area. Slide a spade underneath it, lift the turf and reverse it so that the bare patch is turned inwards to the lawn. Line the turf up with the edge and firm gently. Sift some sandy soil or turf loam on the patch to level it with the lawn and sprinkle on a little grass seed. Make sure that you water the area thoroughly.

Spare Instant Lawn

Ensure that you have an emergency supply of turf to repair damage to the lawn by making an occasional grass path across the vegetable garden. Part of the path can be removed for repairs, then resown later. This is not advisable for kikuyu as this is an invasive grass and will be hard to eradicate from the vegetable garden.

Damaged Nullarbor Couch

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