Winter Instant Turf - RTF Tall Fescue

The short answer and good news is YES!! You can install instant lawn in Winter...

Eureka Kikuyu oversown with Rye is now availabe and at 100% colour

This is a drought tolerant turf that has been oversown with Rye Grass so that it maintains it's colour throughout the colder months.

However, the most popular Winter turf is the lush green grass RTF - Rhizomatous Tall Fescue.

This is a Cool Season (Evergreen) grass that can be installed any time of the year.

The RTF is green all year around. It is a favourite because of its lush green appearance all year around. It is important to water your Fescue grasses regularly to make sure that they stay green and to prevent them dying in the warmer Summer months - RTF is currently at 100% colour.

Common blade type of grass no runners to invade. Spreads by seed.

Is self-repairing due to small underground rhizomes.

This turf requires more regular watering than other drought tolerant varieties.



Winter Dormancy

All buffalo, kikuyu & couch varieties of grass are now dormant due to the colder weather.

It is best to wait until the warmer weather of Spring to order and lay your turf to get the best results.

Warm Season Grasses (Drought Tolerant)

Sir Walter Buffalo (approx 70% colour)

Nullabor Couch Legend (approx 80% colour)

Nullarbor Couch (previously known as Santa Ana Couch) (approx 70% colour)

Eureka Kikuyu (approx 80% colour)

Eureka Kikuyu Premium VG (approx 90% colour)

Once Spring arrives and we get a decent dose of warmer weather, these grasses will green up rather quickly.

To check on current prices of these grasses check out our webpage The Green Centre. If you have any queries, please give us a call on 9331 5300.

Like all grasses, instant turf requires cutting. As you can see here are some before and after photos of our instant turf samples.

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