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Top-Dressing Your Lawn in the Warmer Months

Once the weather warms up it’s a great time to level out your lawn if it has some uneven sections.
We suggest applying our sandy Turf Loam soil, which will give your grass a chance to regenerate and thrive to the best of it’s ability.

Best to apply a light covering of soil evenly over your grass then use a rake or broom to settle the soil into your lawn. Remember not to put more than 1cm for a single application as you will still need to be able to let sunlight through to the grass tips. After a few weeks’ growth, if needed you will be able to put another thin layer of soil to further level off the area.
Once you’re happy with the even level and spread of top dressing, it’s time to water it in.
Remember, don’t walk on it or mow it for at least one week after which it should be much healthier.

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