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Avoiding excessive smoke is not difficult, provided that your firewood is dry

Smoky Chimney Repair - Frenso CA - Clovis CA

  • Ensure there is adequate air flow when lighting your fire
  • Use small pieces of kindling to ignite the fire quickly
  • Slowly add larger pieces of wood as the fire gathers strength
  • Arrange wood so that there is plenty of air flow
  • Only close the vent once the fire is well alight

The common misconception is that closing the air vent straight away after adding wood will save you money. All this does is create smoke, reduce heat and upsets the neighbours.

Eventually excessive smoke will block your chimney causing a dangerous build up of soot. The fire will then not get enough air to burn effectively.

Fires that produce a minimal amount of smoke are the result of using seasoned firewood like that supplied by The Green Centre. What this means is the firewood has a low moisture content. “Green” firewood usually doesn’t get hot enough for the air to rise up the chimney, and a smoky fireplace is the result.

Another effective way to reduce your smoke and help your fire burn better is the SmartBurn device.

  • Australian Invention
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Reduces smoke by up to 50%
  • Lasts approximately 3 months



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