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1 Stadium Drive, Keilor Park VIC 3042
Open Mon to Fri 7am-4pm
and Sat 8am-2pm

Savanna African Restaurant & Cafe

An African Experience

The Green Centre is now supplying firewood to Savanna

Whilst dining in a pleasant and warm environment, from the very first taste I was incredibly impressed. We had the feast for two which included a combination of dishes, beef, chicken and lamb – all outstanding in flavour. Each of the dishes were wrapped in the authentic Ethiopian Injera bread. Misrak is a very talented chef. We will be returning to enjoy the flavours that she creates. I have told my friends and family and they have been invited to join me to dine here again in the near future. Thank you Misrak for a wonderful dining experience.


For a unique food experience warmed by our Redgum Firewood, call Misrak on 9416 1462 to make a booking.

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