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Instant Turf Review – Summer Break Results

Instant Lawn

Low maintenance & Hard Wearing





I thought it would be interesting to show you how our turf samples have survived during the Christmas and New Year holiday break without being watered. I must make it clear that these are radical samples as there is not a great quantity of soil in the sample trays.

Review and Comments

Sir Walter Buffalo – this sample has done exceptionally well during the hot weather definitely living up to its hard wearing, low maintenance, low water use qualities. There has been practically no indication that this sample has not had any maintenance for approximately 3 weeks during searingly hot temperatures.

Nullarbor Couch Legend – This sample has also faired quite well during the Summer break, highlighting it’s low water use and hard wearing qualities.

RTF – As this is a ‘cool season‘ grass, we can definitely see the effect that the hot weather and lack of water has had. In saying that, you can see the self-repairing qualities where the grass has started to re-generate once watered.

Nullarbor Couch – This fine leaf couch has also stood up well with the hot weather and low water use during the break.

Eureka Kikuyu – The Kikuyu has survived quite well under the low maintenance conditions as well.

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