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SmartBurn for your Fireplace

Channel 10 – Healthy Homes 20th May featuring SmartBurn Managing Director, Glenn Fretwell, talks all things SmartBurn – the benefits, the features and why you should be using SmartBurn in wood heaters.   The Green Centre : Sustainable Redgum Firewood – online orders available for our seasoned dry ready to burn firewood  Ph: 93315300      

Winter is Approaching…

  Keeping warm with Redgum Firewood It is that time of the year again; the days get shorter, and the temperature drops. It will soon be winter, and as we head into the colder months it is a timely reminder to make sure that you have stocked up your firewood supplies. With a constant stream of emails Read more…


Melbourne, Meat, Smoke, Summer… Saturday & Sunday from 10am until late – 4th & 5th of Feb 2017 We are delivering firewood to Southern Cross Smokers at the Festival Brett was kind enough to send us through these photos Head on down to Southern Cross Smokers and say hi to the boys to check out the Read more…

Sustainably Sourced Redgum Firewood

Maintaining a Wood Heater – Smartburn

9331-5300 Combustion gases will condense and build up in flues or chimneys. A black tar-like substance called creosote will build up and this will restrict the air flow in the heater or fireplace, reducing its efficiency. Eventually this can completely block the flue, making the fire impossible to operate. One sign of a blocked flue is smoke coming Read more…

What is Sustainable Firewood?

In recent years the word sustainable has become a commonly used – and often misused – adjective. According to most dictionaries the word “sustain” means to “maintain”, “support” or “endure”. So – Is firewood sustainable? And what does sustainable firewood actually mean? Trees regenerate or re-grow naturally from seed or they can be planted or Read more…

School Holiday Tip – Building a Woodfire

For any fire to start and keep going three things are needed: fuel oxygen and heat Make sure you leave enough air space around each piece of kindling when setting up the fire so that oxygen can circulate. Kindling catches fire easily because it has a large surface area and small mass, which allows it to reach Read more…


Avoiding excessive smoke is not difficult, provided that your firewood is dry Ensure there is adequate air flow when lighting your fire Use small pieces of kindling to ignite the fire quickly Slowly add larger pieces of wood as the fire gathers strength Arrange wood so that there is plenty of air flow Only close the vent once Read more…

Wood heater explodes… Coolaroo

Herald Sun – News article : “… a timely reminder as winter sets in for parents to supervise their children around heaters and teach them of the dangers. Lucky escape for Coolaroo family after wood fire heater explosion A FAMILY has had a lucky escape after their wood fire heater exploded when one of their children put a Read more…

Avoid Chimney Fires

A timely reminder for all of us: We had to cancel a firewood delivery because the customer’s chimney caught fire! Please be safe this Winter… Flues and chimneys should be cleaned every 1-2 years to prevent chimney / flue fires Michael O’Connor & Son Chimney Sweeps is an Australian family owned company which has been operating Read more…

All Firewood Is Not Created Equal

What’s New @ The Green Centre ?

Some things have changed….


Online ordering now available  Split Load Deliveries Quality Sustainable Redgum Firewood Phone: 9331-5300 The Green Centre      

Stunning Fireplaces Inside & Out

There are so many stunning options when choosing a fireplace. Here are just a few that I found recently on HomeDIT. Inside Open Fireplaces Outside Open Fireplaces   Something different…  www.homedit.com

Don Piero Restaurant & Receptions, Mickleham **PERMANANTLY CLOSED**

Don Piero Restaurant & Receptions PERMANANTLY CLOSED 2335 Mickleham Rd Mickleham, VICTORIA, 3064 Don Piero’s is a premium Wedding Reception Centre, Restaurant & Cafe Sustainable Redgum Firewood supplied by The Green Centre