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Caring for your Instant Lawn

Save Water
As the weather warms up it is important to do less frequent, deeper soakings to train your lawn’s root system of lawn to become more self sufficient and robust, particularly with the drought tolerant varieties. If there are water restrictions, it is best to use a wetting agent. This will help to improve the water penetration to lawn roots which is handy when you do not have access to a water tank or recycled water.

Try not to mow your lawn too short. Keeping some length in the grass blade will keep your lawn in better shape. It will keep the soil cooler and much less exposed to evaporation.

Top Dressing
The combination of mowing too low and a lack of nutrients can lead to weed infestation. Once those weeds get out of control it can be almost impossible to bring things back. Aerating and top-dressing can be done during summer if necessary, but don’t leave it too late, you need sufficient time for decent regrowth so we recommend getting it done before the end of January. Our Turf Loam is the perfect soil for this purpose.

The Green Centre stocks a range of Sir Walter fertiliser products to keep your lawn looking and feeling as healthy as possible. Sir Walter Fertiliser comes in either a 10kg or 4kg bucket. A 10kg bucket will cover 400-500m2, a 4kg bucket will cover 100-200m2.
For best results fertilise your lawn at least three times a year, or at the start of each season.

Weed Control
Looking for an easy solution to weeding? Give Lawn Solutions Australia’s Ready-to-Use all-purpose Weed Control a go.


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